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Mission Statement

Our Core Values


-Provide exceptional service and quality products
-To deliver on our commitments
-Provide reliable, honest and real feedback
-Build strong relationships
-To leave people feeling better than they came
-Be accountable
-Find the right products and business services that are the best fit for our clients and customers
-Provide monthly reports
-Polite, clear and timely communication
-To protect our clients and customers best interest
-To give back to our communities
-Deliver on our promises
-To treat everyone with kindness
-Protect our clients and customers privacy
-To do our job with excellence and integrity

Events Team

Junella Weiss

Owner/Operator/Events Lead


I was born and raised in small town in Saskatchewan and I am mom to 3 incredible kids, and 4 fur babies. I grew up in a very large family who not only travelled as musicians, but each one were business entrepreneurs in their own way. I've learned in life to work hard, work smart and give your best. 


I love design, creating events and providing people with the resources they need for it to be successful, and for them to run a successful event. With a background in music-creativity, excellence and being unique are key components for me and should be for any business. I'm a realist and my passion, drive and determination will guarantee you will have all the components you require and I will be an asset for you and your business.

Jordan Weiss
TV/Media/Video Specialist

James Weiss
Audio/Video/ set-Up Specialist

Calli Weiss
Design/ Hospitality/ Food Services Specialist


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